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Community Baptist Church has a heart for it's community as well as those around us. Therefore, we desire to be a ministry for your entire family. We believe that a friendlt church is exactly what most people are looking for. We are convinced that you will find Community Baptist Church to be such a friendly place. Our music is God honoring and our messages are practical and Bible based. We are interested in you and your family and how we can help you grow in your relationship with Christ. As our church grows, we look forward to establishing a wide variety of ministries that will serve the entire family. Listed on this page are some of the activities we are currently enjoying. Come and join us as we grow together in the things of the Lord.

Youth Activities

Teens are important at CBC. We have Sunday School classes for Junior and Senior high youths, Wednesday prayer meetings, various outings and activities, ad encourage multiple yearly events with Camp Joy.

Sunday Package

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Don’t Be Afraid of Shadows

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Sunday School

CBC has always had a strong Bible teaching ministry fortified by our

Sunday School program. Classes are held for children 3 and up with workshops and crafts. Teen and adult classes provide valuable time spent in God's word.

Wednesday Prayer Meetings

"Pray without ceasing." (1 Thess. 5:17)

Our Wednesday night prayer meetings are a time to praise God for His grace and lift up any issues to Him. This is a time of sweet spirit and blessing to all that attend.

Frontline Club

Our Wednesday night kids program focuses on learning with a purpose. Frontline Club is a disciple program designed to train children to live, love, and learn the Bible. Kids enjoy a multitude of activities and games all while learning valuable lessons about God and moral citizenship.

Men and Women's Bible Studies

Once a month, our men and women meet for indepth Bible studies centered on singular topics to better our growth in Christ's doctrine. These studies are both challenging and inspirational.

Camp Joy

Located in Whitewater, Wisconsin, Camp Joy emphasizes solid, Biblical teaching and preaching. Camp Joy has something great for all ages.

Community Outreach

Community outreach is an important part to any ministry. CBC puts Biblical principles in action while giving back to those around us. Our adults, teens, and kids are all involved in providing a helping had and spreading the gospel through servant evangelism.